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  • High-Performance Mower Conditioner BiG M 450

    • Powerful and fuel-efficient 449 hp LIEBHERR engine
    • Large 9.95 m (32'8") work width for maximum productivity
    • Heavy-duty cutter bar with SafeCut blade protection
    • Hydraulic running gear for added ground clearance
    • Silent Space cab offers maximum operator comfort
    With the BiG M 450, KRONE presents another upgrade of its self-propelled mower. Offering huge work width, superior manoeuvrability, optimum weight distribution and tapping into enormous power reserves, BiG M 450 is the perfect mower for large and small fields, for flat and hilly land and for the most difficult soil conditions – a machine that excels in any conceivable application in any field in the world.

    At Agritechnica 2017, KRONE introduced what was then the fifth generation of a BiG M mower. The mower conditioner received a comprehensive update and offered a cutting width of 9.95 m (32'8"). The new 6-cylinder, inline Liebherr engine with PowerSplit control delivers 449 hp. That’s plenty of power in reserve.

    Driven by wheel motors and turning through a 50° angle, BiG M is extremely easy to manoeuvre and as such also offers great efficiency in small fields. An excellent front-rear weight distribution (64% : 36%) ensures that the self-propelled mower also copes perfectly in difficult terrain.

    When the swathing hoods on both mowers are closed the augers feed the material from the sides to the middle, windrowing it into one central swath. When cutting along field edges you can also close just one hood to present a clean job to the following harvester.

    • Constant engine outputs from 490 to 626 hp
    • 6 intake rollers for extra safety and a top quality chop
    • Universal MaxFlow cutterheads: 20, 28 or 36 knives
    • Biogas cutterhead: 40 knives
    • KRONE VariStream: Spring-loaded floors for a continuous crop flow
    • KRONE VariQuick: engage and disengage the corn conditioner in an instant
    • KRONE StreamControl: optionally adjustable crop throw
    • 4WD option with 40 km/h wheel motors
    • Independent wheel suspension on rear axle for exceptional manoeuvrability
    • Perfect for on-road travel: 3 m machine width (depending on tyres)
    • Curved retainer bracket makes headers easy to attach and remove
    • High-power and fuel efficient engines from 687 hp to 1156 hp.
    • 6 intake rollers for boosted reliability and a top quality chop
    • MaxFlow chopping drums with 20, 28, 36 blades; Biogas drums with 40 and 48 blades
    • Roller and disc conditioners for all applications
    • KRONE VariLOC for flexible choice of long and short chops
    • KRONE VariQuick for fast changeovers to conditioning or grass cutting
    • Convenient hoop coupler for easy attachment to the base machine
    • Enormous agility from independent wheel suspension
    • Height-adjustable comfort cab for optimum visibility
    BiG X 680 ∙ 780 ∙ 880 ∙ 1180, the XXL forage harvesters from KRONE for outputs of 687hp to 1156hp. They not only impress by their high efficiency and chop quality but also by high operator comfort and easy handling.
    • Variable-row maize headers with 4.5m to 10.50m working widths
    • Best quality of chop, fewer overlength fractions from linear crop feed
    • Uncluttered build, low input power
    • Central drive
    The variable-row EasyCollect header is a versatile unit that feeds the stalks lengthwise into the machine, which translates into an unsurpassed quality of chop. The unique collector principle from KRONE cuts labour costs and has proved its worth time and again the world over. Pulling the crop over the blades: Rigid multi-section blades and endlessly moving blades combine to sever the stalks with scissor-like cuts. The blades are self-sharpening and easy to replace. Simple design: The 2-piece maize headers stand out for their straightforward design and uncluttered build. Its narrow transport width, its slim design and excellent visibility translate into safe travel between fields.

    Superior chop quality: EasyCollect gathers the individual rows of maize firmly and feeds them to the middle of the header and into the machine. It is this tidy and lengthwise feed that accounts for the outstanding quality of the chop and for an effective gathering in difficult conditions, such as down maize.

    Uniform stubble height: The distance sensors on either end of EasyCollect help maintain a uniform stubble height even in undulating terrain. They signal EasyCollect to adjust the depth both across the width and in the direction of travel.

    Great stability and excellent tracking: When Autopilot is enabled, the sensor arms on the central cone scan the distance between two crop rows. Then the KRONE BiG X is guided automatically along that row, which helps reduce operator fatigue.

  • With a KRONE large square baler, you purchase experience and competence in baler design. From experience, KRONE knows the widely differing field requirements and offers a complete baler range with standard bale chamber dimensions. Internationally recognized innovations, such as the Variable Fill System (VFS), the unique MultiBale model and the cam-less EasyFlow pick-up are some reasons for the success of the KRONE BiG Pack. It is a fact: KRONE makes what customers want.
    • The first pellet harvester to produce a marketable product right in the field and in one single operation.
    • Premos 5000 is the mobile pellet harvester that also operates as a stationary machine
    • Produces straw pellets of an extremely high bulk density value – 600-700 kg/m³
    • Hourly outputs of up to 5,000 kg
    Use the mouse or your finger to drag the image and view the Premos 5000 from every angle in this 360° video.
  • This product range lines up 1 to 6-rotor machines and thus has the right machine for every application. The KRONE Jet Effect avoids crop contamination and damage to the turf. Swadro is the name for absolutely clean swaths and high-quality forage.
    Better and faster – with the KRONE Lift Tines All rakes are specified with the new Lift Tines which are kinked in two different positions. This optimized design brings special advantages which have been determined in field trials by KRONE and verified by a DLG test. The DLG Focus Test proves that KRONE Lift Tines boost your productivity. A comparison of these tines and traditional tines shows
    • that KRONE Lift Tines rake up clearly more material per hectare at identical work rates and tine settings than traditional tines, cutting the loss rate in half.
    • that KRONE Lift Tines deliver clearly higher work rates without compromising on the quality of work while increasing the overall output by up to 27%.
    • that KRONE Lift Tines give more effective rakes and protect the sward. The tines are set to a 1 cm larger ground clearance yet give the same quality of work.
    • that KRONE Lift Tines lead to better quality forage thanks to the Lift effect and their higher ground clearance which minimize crop contamination.

    Better and faster – courtesy of KRONE Lift Tines

  • KRONE offers an extensive range of high-quality and dependable rotary tedders for tedding wilted silage and hay crops. These machines stand out for high-quality work and plenty of innovations such as the maintenance-free OctoLink finger clutches and liquid grease rotor drives.